Thursday, March 27, 2008

An Accident in the Airport!

An embarrassing moment happened to me yesterday at the airport.


Anonymous said...

You did not make a goofy conversation with your dog! Hearing people do talking to their pets and even to the plants! Dont feel guilty at all! You made a great impression to hearing people who think dogs can understand ASL!

ASL Rocks!

deafk said...

Hi, I want to welcome ya to vlogsphere!!

Nah, you're not that nuts, remember, those hearies did talk to their dogs, too!! What can those hearies seeing you talking to that cute dog be expecting the same as those hearies who talk to their dogs, huh? Oh, boy!



Anonymous said...

"No Way Jose"

Wow. It's not really your fault as you were caught up in a whirl of events leading up to the airport poop incident.

You look familiar possibly as a mother of one of the DeafRead I imagining or am I right?

Deaf Pixie said...

LOL, it is always funny. sound like you were rushed too many errand and forgot about your hearing dog required to go BM
(Bowel Movement schedule)

I can understand the situation is hectic.. Ok to sign to your dog what you are saying to dog.. I agree that hearing people can talk their dog,too. I complete undertand clearly.

You made me laughed.. I think you are great story!

Deaf Pixie

Anonymous said...

Oh, gosh! You cracked me up! I absolutely needed a good laugh! Thanks! :-)

Squ65 said...

As I watched your vlog this morning (Thursday) -- I smiled all morning. I guess your dog wants to give you a little present because she loves you! LOL ... I agree Jose wanted your attention! I understand you had been busy with errands etc ... Talking to your pup is VERY normal. Jose is like a child to you! What a cute pup! How old is she?

Anonymous said...

LOL!! But I think your dog is smart and did doing right way, prefer to do it in the airport instead of inside the airplane. Wink********

Coach Creech said...

Far out! LOL

Misha said...


Sh*t happens! Of course, pun intended, LOL!

Nothing's wrong with signing to your dog as long as your dog understands you, period.

Love your story. It's funny.

Misha :D

DeafRoger said...

:D LOL good story!

Anonymous said...


Can be happen to dogs if they can't hold any longer. but good story!


Anonymous said...

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