Thursday, January 31, 2008

My First Happy ASL Vlog!!!

Pah! I made it with my first vlog! I am going to explain to you what is my purpose of my vlog and what I plan to include for my future clips. Enjoy!


NorthTrue said...

welcome and enjoys vlog among us will see your vlog ahead.


Anonymous said...

welcome to the vloggers !!!! thank you for sharing your first vlog

KyDeafie said...

Welcome! Looking forward for more of your new vlog stories. BTW, nice Harley. :)

Anonymous said...


Welcome to vlogland!! Another biker vlog!! I want more biker on vlog!! Smile. Beautiful Harley!!

Harley Rock!

Joey Baer said...

Yea - right - it is important to document your ASL vlogs for many purposes!! Welcome aboard!

DeafRoger said...

Awesome! Welcome to the vlogsphere!
You're a real NATURAL!!! Looking forward to more!

jwomick said...

YAY MORE VLOGGER! welcome deaf read land! :D wow more deaf harley! :D

Joshua "Vampbat" Womick

Virginia Deaf Bikers said...

Nice to see you and Your motorcycle 3 wheel look cool!

Deb Ann said...

I have seen your name more than several times on some blogs when you leave a comment.

Welcome to the vlogland! I'm so excited to see more and more vloggers here!

Thumbs up!

Fookem said...

Welcome..btw, nice motorcycle.. ;)

DE said...

WELCOMEEEEE!! Haha about Italian culture-- my grandma was a full Italian, so I can relate to you. I look forward to hearing all about your fantastic experiences.

LaRonda said...

Oh! I LOVE your title bar! Wonderful vlog title: ASL Rocks! That's a unique one and an eye catcher! Love the picture of you on the motorcycle! Welcome aboard!

~ LaRonda

Anonymous said...

Hey Anna Marie

Barb DiGi would be so thrilled to have you in very First VLOG.
We looking forward your next VLOG.
Keep up a good spirits !!

From old Philly Gangs

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann Marie! It's so wonderful to see you roaring happily and beautifully. I remember you back from my childhood days in South Jersey. Brigantine ring a bell? :D Well, when we get our computer up and running again, you sure can count on me being one of your fans. Take care! Who knows, I may run into you in Vegas whenever I finally visit.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mother of Susan, Joe V. Motylinski and Barb DiGi !!!

Congrats on your first vlogs. You looked terrific.


GalaxyAngelz said...

Welcome you here... vlog!

Will look forward your vlog more..

Very funny your ending..


kiss fist ASL said... i noticed more new ASL Vloggers. Great! You lived in many generations. I am ready to hear your stories.

David "Kiss Fist ASL"

Longoman said...

Hey, I'm proud to have you as my future mother-inb-law biker!


Harley FLTSN Deluxe

B.A.D. said...

Horray!!! Welcome!! I am so looking forward to your Vlogs!!

WELCOME and You'll have a BLAST with us all!! :-)

Can't wait for your next one, ASL Rocks!!

Coach Creech said...

Hooray! Welcome to vlogsphere! Looking forward your upcoming vlog. Smile

Anna Marie said...

Hello everyone!! Thank you for your warmest welcome! I am delighted about learning to respond and getting to know you better. See you back here soon! Wait a minute, see me back here soon, haha.

John Lestina --- said...

Good to see you on vlog, smile!

Anonymous said...

Welcome!! I am ready to hear your stories!!!

Jay said...

Yo Anna Marie!

Welcome aboard! Looking forward to your stories!

Jimactor said...

Welcome aboard I cant wait to hear ur stories

Olivedove said...

Hey Mom! You certainly rock our family's world with your wonderful stories! We are so proud of you for creating your own vlog and our children will definitely appreciate these priceless stories of your life! Bless you Mom! xoxoxo
Susan, Michael, Gina, Anisa, Lisa & Sarina

angelliz6 said...

Hands shaking in the air! Way to go Mom! I love watching your vlogs! Keep them coming!! :-)Love ya! xoxo

Ken Davis said...


I already send a file - deafnewspaper_ken.jpg by email.

Congrats that you have your own homepage by

Ken Davis
Founder. CEO
Deaf Newspaper, LLC

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